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12 kwietnia 2017

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In today’s article we present some of the best and most ads. There are a lot of commercials deserving of this award. Of these, our team chose 12 of those that have been most viewed on Youtube in recent years.

To read this post you will need a bowl of popcorn, and maybe a few tissues. So, enjoy watching!

Old Spice | The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

This commercial has garnered 26 million views. Simple, fun, inviting and actually a little strange. I think everyone’s laughed at least once while watching. Old Spice continues to remain at the forefront of our favorite ads. A good smelling guy is still desired.

Nike | Write The Future

In 2010, this was hailed as the best advertisement in history with 22 million views. It’s also one of our favorites. A masterpiece in terms of the technique and technology of those years. Directed by Alejandro G. Innaritu. Played, in every sense of the word, by the best – Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Rooney, Drogobe and Ribery. The ending gives us shivers.

Volkswagen | The Force

Advertising not just what because appears in Darth Vader. It’s interesting, it builds a sense of suspense and ultimately just fun. There in no common schemas, which brought it 45 million views.

T – mobile | Royal Wedding

A dance parody of members of the royal family entering the church. The ad was shot on the occasion of the wedding of Prince William with Kate. I must admit that it’s not one of our favorites.

The Guardian | Three Little Pigs

Advertising in the spirit of „branding”. This ad could easily be confused with a movie trailer about investigative journalism or a huge socio-economic scandal.

Nike | Jogger

The second mention for this prolific brand. This time, the ad draws attention to simplicity and, above all, wise words for everyone. They want to tell us that perfection is within our hands.

Turkish Airlines | The Selfie Shootout

How to take the perfect selfie as demonstrated by sports stars – Leo Messi and Kobe Bryant. Advertising watches just nicely. And 110 million page views so far.

Dove | Real Beauty Sketches

This was the best campaign experiment by Dove. It’s informative, touching and universal. Everyone should see it. However, it’s only had 65 million views. Summary sentence: „You are more beautiful than you think.”

Nike | Winner Stays

2014 belongs to them. Apparently this is the best Nike ad of all time. It’s collected 100 million views. It’s just great fun and has a top cast. Once again we can admire the acting ability of Ronaldo. And most importantly – it’s all about imagination.

Nike | The Last Game

With 74 million views we have an animated commercial with the best football players and a large dose of humor. It shows us what happens when we put all the best football stars on one team.

Clash of Clans | Revenge

We see the game enter the world of everyday life. It’s relatively short, suspenseful and has had a large number of views – 103 million.

Hyundai | A Massage to Space

70 million emotions. Watching this, it might seem that this is not commercial for a car, but a charity event that helps dreams come true.

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