Best logo #2 – Apple

31 maja 2017

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Spring is in the air, so we’ve decided to continue our series on the best and most recognizable logos in the world with a juicy and ‘fruity’ subject – an apple. Yes, the most recognized Apple in the world.

Probably the company doesn’t need an introduction. But a few words about it will do no harm. Founded by Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs and Ronald Wayne, based in California, Apple is an American corporation, engaged in the design and manufacture of electronics, software and computers. Since 1976, the company is growing rapidly, producing products of desire – iPhone, Mac, iPod, and iPad.

Black and white figure

The name was proposed by Steve Jobs. The founders were trying to come up with more technically- sounding name, but they gave up after 10 minutes. They realized that nothing else would be as good and easy to remember as Apple Computer.

The logo is another story, surrounded by several, almost mythical theories. First of all, nibbled Apple can be related to the Bible – it symbolizes knowledge. Secondly, apple and Apple products, they are the object of desire. The third theory says that the trademark is a tribute to Alan Turing. He was an English mathematician and cryptologist who designed one of the first electronic computers. However, at the age of 42 years he committed suicide by biting an apple soaked in cyanide.

The true story of the logo is not so harrowing. The first version of it, designed by Ronald Wayne in the 1776, was used only for a year. It depicted a scene, where Isaac Newton was hit by an apple falling from the tree under which he sat. It’s looks more like a figure, not a proper logo.

Byte – Bite

The next version of the logo, the one that we have today, was designed by Rob Janoff in 1977. He simply wanted to depict apples lying on a table, in a simplified form. And the nibbled outline was inspired by the similarity in pronunciation of the computer term „byte” and the word „bite”. They sound almost the same, which is a happy coincidence.

Initially, the apple was black, but at the request of Steve Jobs, the designer added six colored stripes. They were to symbolize the uniqueness of Apple computers, because they were the first in the world with colorful graphics. This version of logo existed for more than 20 years.

The flat design era

It all changed in 1998, when Steve Jobs decided the logo to be monochrome – he considered that the color version will not go well with modern design computers. And so the first one was marked with white apple on the cover. For several years the logo appeared as blue and black.

In 2002, a silver logo was introduced on Mac OS X Panthern. It was called the Aqua Version. It had also been shown on the first iPhone in 2007 and lasted only till 2013, when the identity was once again renovated. However slightly, to a silver Chrome Version. Today, we have a smooth, plain logo, marking one of the most popular brands in the world.  The colors have changed, but the shape remains constant and will probably stay so for the years to come. Why would it change when it works so well…?

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