Best logo #1 – Coca-Cola

25 kwietnia 2017

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Why is a logo so important? Firstly, it creates a brand image. It identifies the brand, company, product, etc. When we see a logo, we can pick it out among others without much effort. In the end, they make an emotional connection and create the appropriate associations until the desired reaction is achieved. And here we have the second reason – sales. The company’s revenues depend on the visibility of the logo. Often we buy things we don’t need just because they have „the” trademark and not another.

In this short introduction we would like to begin a series of articles about the best and most identifiable logos. We will show and describe how they evolved and why they have become so important.

First place on our list goes to – Coca – Cola.


Accounting logo

All of us drink it. All of us love it. On a hot day it’s hard to do without a chilled bottle of Coke. This cold, fizzy drink is recognizable by everyone. This is not only taste, but also the great white & red logo. Coca-Cola’s history started in the year 1886, when a pharmacist from the USA, Dr. John Pemberton, produced the first bottle of the drink. And shortly thereafter began the history of its logo, which has been used for 130 years.

The first version was designed by an accountant, Frank M. Robinson. He used a specific style of writing, which was used for writing business correspondence. Initially, the logo was a black, calligraphic inscription on a white background. While the simple inscription has evolved over the years, they’ve only slightly changed the font. It was only in the 1960s that the red and white colors were introduced.

Christmas in red

Interestingly, Coca-Cola’s colors have had an affect on this Christmas tradition. These days, Santa Claus is imagined in these colours. But it was an American illustrator, Huddon Sundblom, who in 1931 introduced the figure of Santa, as an old man with a beard and wearing a red outfit for an advertising campaign. To this day the brand produces Christmas advertising with this characteristic Santa Claus.

Santa Claus überlegt wie er den Menschen Gutes tun kann

The essential shape

Describing Coca – Cola’s logo we couldn’t not write a few words about its second characteristic symbol – the bottle, or more precisely, its shape. No other drink has packaging which hasn’t changed its shape or appearance for over 100 years. The contour of the bottle is also a symbol identifying the brand with the product. It was created to distinguish Cola-Cola from other, standard packaging. A prototype was created in 1915. The creator was inspired by the cocoa grain. Today the unique shape of the bottle is recognizable around the world, even in the dark.

A big achievement was the introduction of limited edition bottles designed by top fashion designers. Among other, these were brands such as: Fendi, Moschino, Versace, Nathalie Rykiel, Roberto Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld.

In the end

The success of the logo was the consequence. There were significant overhauls and big changes along the way. What matters most here is a creative simplicity. As a result, we are always sure, that we will enjoy the same, original taste. You also need to keep in mind the characteristic red color, which affects human consciousness. Anyone who sees that shade of red, thinks – Coca-Cola!

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