Logo with a grain of salt

18 kwietnia 2017

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It’s easy to make a mistake when designing a logo. The proof of this can be seen in our 10 carefully selected mini works of art that you can admire in today’s post.

Most likely they are the result of:

There can be many reasons. Looking at the examples, probably created by artists, we don’t know how they were created, but we can laugh and enjoy them. Most importantly, we can all learn a lesson in how not to design a logo.


Locum – language barriers are a big problem. Remember when creating a logo, to check that the design has the correct meaning in languages other than your own. After all, you don’t want to make the mistake of this Swedish company.


Fully Erect Dome Tents – it seems that someone is very happy at the thought of camping.


Institute of Oriental Studies – looking at this logo we don’t really know what it was meant to show. However, we are sure what we see.


Catholic Church’s Archdiocesan Youth Commission – Spotlight’s already taken on this topic very well.


Pure Maple Syrup – We didn’t know this was how they made maple syrup. Maybe we don’t really want it on our pancakes.


Pepsi – maybe this logo was created for some kind of ironic anti-commercial because, as you can see, it produces one association. You already know what will happen to you if you drink too much Pepsi.


Mont – Sat – Polish technicians are more than happy to install a satellite for you. However, there are some advantages of this logo. The company gained worldwide fame thanks to this logo.


Dough Boys – we don’t have much to write here. The logo encourages you to order lunch with the guys. Entry, of course, is +18.


Arlington Pediatric Center – we don’t know if you can send a child there safely. The relationship between the doctor and the child appears to be quite intimate.


Sherwin Williams – not too cheerful a vision of the world. It’s probably a scene from a jihadist’s dream.

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